Q: Is this inside of Krunkwich? A: Yes, 2721 Ingersoll Ave

Q: Are your hot dogs nitrate free? A: Yes

Q: Do you have a Vegan Menu? A: Yes, we have an entire vegan menu.

Q: Can we get ramen? A: NO. The Krunkwich menu is not available

Q: Do you deliver?  A: NOPE

Q: Do you sell beer? A: NO. You can BYOB, but behave because…

Q: Can we act a fool and start shit? A: NO. If you act a fool, start shit, or generally get up to no good in the eyes of the staff, we will bounce your ass out of there faster than you can say “Bruh”

Q: Do you have Beef Dogs? A: We will have exactly 8 beef hot dogs on hand just in case. We don’t serve them, but the two people who have asked for them…we have 8. You have to ask for them, they aren’t on the menu. Once we are out, we are out.

Q: Do you have Gluten Free Options? A: We do, but no GF bun as of yet. Your best GF option is to order your dog “no bun” as our Berkwood Dogs are GF. Our Vegan Dogs are NOT GF

Q: Can we bring our pets in? A: Leave your house pets at home. Service animals welcome.

Q: Is this only at night? A: Yes.

Q: Will you do this during the day? A: Unlikely.

Q: Is this the last question you are going to answer right now? A: Yes.