Regular Menu

June 23-24

#1 The Bandit $3.5

Berkwood 1/4lb Dog, Steamed Bun, w/Caramelized Onion or NAH

#2 Beets by Shawn Dog $6

Berkwood 1/4lb dog, fried beets in togarashi seasoning, lemon tahini sauce, and cilantro.

#3 Convict Dog $6

Berkwood 1/4lb dog, hand cut French fries, miso whiz, caramelized onions, and 420 island sauce.

#4 SPICY AF STUFF DOG $6                

Berkwood 1/4lb dog, 69 alarm chili, roasted jalapeño crema, & pickled serrano chiles.

#5 The Goon Dog $7

Nathan’s all beef dog, wrapped inside a crab Rangoon, topped with sweet chili, and green onions.

#6 Kimchi Dog $6

Berkwood 1/4lb dog, Whiz, kimchi, gochujang ketchup, unagi and sesame seed.

#7 Dumpster Dog $12

Two dogs, no bun, on top of a bed of fries, topped with whatever we feel like putting on there

Togarashi Fries $3.5

Our Hand Cut Fries topped w/ house made Togarashi Seasoning.

Criminal Style Fries $6

Hand Cut Fries w/ Miso Whiz, Carmelized Onion, and 420 Island Sauce

 Plain Ass Side of Fries $3

For when you want a plain ass side of fries.

Mushroom Swiss Fry-yays $6

Hand cut fries w/ szechuan pepper mushroom gravy, grated gruyere cheese, & green onions.