Vegan Menu

June 23-24

#1v The Vegan Bandit $3.5

Field Roast Organic Dog, Steamed Bun, w/Caramelized Onion or NAH.

#2v Vegan Beets by Shawn Dog $6

Field Roast organic dog, fried beets in togarashi seasoning, lemon tahini sauce, & cilantro.

#3v Vegan Convict Dog $6

Field Roast organic dog, hand cut French fries, vegan miso whiz, caramelized onions, and vegan 420 island sauce.


Field Roast Organic dog, vegan 69 alarm chili, sambal vegannaise, pickled serrano chiles.

#5v Vegan Dog Mi $6

Field Roast Organic dog on a hot dog bun with vegan aioli, pickled cucumber, pickled daikon & carrot w/ cilantro.

#6v Vegan Kimchi Dog $6

Field Roast Organic dog, vegan Whiz, kimchi, gochujang ketchup, unagi and sesame seed.

#7v Vegan Dumpster Dog $12

2 Field roast organic dogs, no bun, on top of a bed of fries, topped with whatever we feel like putting on there

Togarashi Fries $3.5

Our Hand Cut Fries topped w/ house made Togarashi Seasoning.

Vegan Criminal Style Fries $6

Topped w/ Vegan Miso Whiz, Caramelized Onion, and 420 Island Sauce

 Plain Ass Side of Fries $3

For when you want a plain ass side of fries.

Vegan Shroom Gravy Fry-yays$6

Hand cut fries w/ szechuan pepper gravy, & green onions.